B-Tech Courses

B.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering : This course imparts an outstanding educational opportunity for those planning to pursue a career or to gain in-depth knowledge in computing technology and research. Its foremost objective is to hone technical skills demanded by today's engineering professionals by providing a sound technical platform and the required knowledge base.

B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering : The Electronics and Communication Engineering curriculum is designed to give adequate emphasis on application of Electronics in Communication Systems and Signal Processing. It has also been a Microchip Consultant Program member since June 2005. Well equipped labs facilitated with the EDWIN Software and Virtual Modelling Software to carry out research projects.

B.Tech in Electronics and Biomedical Engineering : This course covers the basics required to help one get started in Biomedical Engineering. Over a period of 4 years, it covers a vast domain of areas in Electronics and Biomedical like Medical Physics, Signal Processing, Image Processing, Electronic Circuits, VLSI Design etc required in the Biomedical Field.

B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering : This course draws from both Electrical and Electronics Engineering concepts. Power Systems, VLSI Design, Control Systems, Power Electronics,Computer Communications, Network Theory, High Voltage DC Transmission ,Analog and Digital Circuits, C++ are some of the subjects in the syllabus. This proves to be an attractive blend of Electrical and Electronics.

M-Tech Courses

M.Tech in Electronics with specialization in VLSI and Embedded Systems : System Chip design, VLSI Circuit Design and Technology, Electronic System Design are the concepts given to the engineers in this course. The Embedded and Real Time Systems lab syllabus is framed with equal emphasis on hardware and software to gear up design engineers to the needs of industry in the design and development of state of the art intelligent systems.

M.Tech in Electronics with specialization in Signal Processing : This course aims at giving the students an exposure to subjects like Digital Control System, Digital Image Processing, Spectral Estimation and Advanced Digital System Design. Various Fundamental subjects on Signal communication like Adaptive Signal Processing, Multidimensional Signal Processing, Artificial Neural Networks form the essence of this course.

M.Tech in Computer Science & Engineering with specialization in Image Processing : This course endows knowledge in Digital Image Processing, Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms, Pattern Recognition, Natural Language Processing and Medical Image Techniques. Engineers learn the core concepts of image systems through various topics like Data Compression,, Multimedia Systems, Advanced computer Graphics, Artificial Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems.

M.Tech in Electronics with Specialization in Optoelectronics and Communication : This course in Optoelectronics focuses on giving a clear cut knowledge in subjects like Modern Optics, Optical Signal Processing, Digital Communication Techniques, Laser Technology, Biophotonics and Optical Communication.

M.Tech Mechanical Engineering With Specialization in Energy Management : The objective of the course is to equip engineers to assess, preserve and manage energy resources in industries and other organizations. The course focuses on efficient utilization of thermal and non conventional energy by effective management and also to develop and propagate a culture of energy preservation among the students, engineers, and industry.


Govt. Model Engineering College is the first Engineering College in the state recognised by Cochin University of Science and Technology as the Research Centre of University in the branch of Electronics and Communication Engineering. The major areas of research are VLSI and Embedded Systems, Signal and Image processing, Opto Electronics, Biomedical Engineering etc.